Our team consists of passioned, determined and highly-skilled individuals, whose expertise areas cover Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Education and Social Sciences, which allows us to operate on crucial areas of research and innovations.

Mr. Erdal Güzel


Mr. Erdal Güzel is the director of this company. He has 35+ years of teaching experience in education fields. He has a passion for bringing change to the social, educational and economical problems of the societies. Hence, he writes, organizes and manages various collaborative interventions in national and international levels.

Dr. Obaidur Rahaman 

International Expert

Dr. Obaidur, PhD in computer science, specialized in cyber security, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and data management, worked in Kaggle engineering projects and currently a consultant and data scientist in Germany. He has extensive experiences and knowledge in project design, management and implementation, providing specialized trainings in various levels and areas. 

Dr. Faraz Ahmad Khan

International Expert

Dr. Khan, PhD in Computer Science, specialized in digital research technologies for process automation, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management and security. He has been involved in various international and national research and projects. 

Dr. Natia Sopromadze

International Expert 

Dr. Natia Sopromadze, PhD in Educational Leadership and Innovation, specialized in technology-enhanced learning and teaching, cross-sectoral leadership in human-computer interaction, extensive skills and experiences in international project management, teaching and training. 


Mrs. Maria Soledad Moreno Raso

International Expert 

Mrs. Marisol is a Philologist and has a significant teaching experience in University and High School levels, focusing on students with disabilities. She has been involved in various national and international projects, where she is especially experienced in Erasmus Plus projects. She brings her great experiences and knowledge about designing, writing, applying and managing Erasmus Plus projects, managing them in international level and brings her great love and support to the activities of this company.

Mr. Antonio Fernandes

International Expert 

Mr.Antonio is a Psychologist and Education Counselor. He has degrees from Granada and Malaga Universities where his specialities include psychometrical studies, drug dependence and disabilities. As a retired teacher, he has been an active educator in disabilities sectors including deafness, intellectual and physical disabilities. He participates to international project management activities of this company where he has years of experiences in working with various EU institutes.

We can share the CV’s of our experts on request.